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Click the image above and browse all the good fall special pricing at Perform Better. Check out Foam rollers, Tiger tails, and TRX for all your fundamental fitness tools!

Progress > Perfection

Never stop achieving


It is often that we take a step back and evaluate progress or the current situation based on past efforts. However how often do you find yourself taking steps forward and looking in the rearview mirror judging what we have just completed? It is not important to be”perfect” however it is essential to strive for perfection in our consistent efforts we apply to each day.

There are some exciting things coming in 2014 for Whole Life 365 that will enable results and encourage healthier lifestyles. Some of those things will be live events with small group and private training and other new ventures.

Here is what’s new for Whole Life 365:

  • Group and Athletic team training 
  • Corporate wellness and health programs
  • Independent interns
  • Product trial and review
  • Challenges
  • Quarterly giveaways
  • Annual Sponsorships

All of these will be covered starting next month and featured with some interesting interviews to follow! Stay tuned for more healthy news and reviews.

A body in motion will stay in motion.

R.E.A.L Training is up and running in Syosset @ 189 Lafayette Drive. There are small groups forming and some times available for 1-1 training. Call (347.796.1297), inbox or email (Fitmission@yahoo.com) for more details. Grand opening details will be posted as specifics are determined.

“A goal must first be visualized and believed before it can be attained. It takes a surmountable amount of faith to adhere to lifestyle change as does reconstructing an environment or workspace to become more productive and functional.

Coming together

Coming together

Get ready, Gear up and Get sweaty

Opening soon!

Opening soon!

Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!


The Training center in Syosset will host; Personal and Group training classes, HITT Training, Boxing/MMA, Striking, and High energy training professionals!


Pick Your Own Trainer

Pick Your Own Trainer

Do you have a health or fitness goal for 2013? Do you have a plan? Let a professional do the work for you. This website is a great resource for finding a location or someone in your area who can assist you in your health or fitness goals.


Online training


Whole Life 365 wants to wish everyone a happy holiday and blessed healthy new year!

Taking action and getting results prove to be what differentiates resolution over setting and achieving goals. So we are opening up a few spots for online training starting in January to help anyone achieve a healthier, happier new year and new you!

We require a three month commitment, and dedication to your health and wellness goals!

If you’re interested, EMAIL: FITMISSION@YAHOO.COM with a description about yourself and your goals and We will send you more info about what the online coaching program entails, pricing, etc.

Get Ready for 2013!



2013 Will be Rockin! Set your self up for success and get involved with R.E.A.L Training to exceed your health and wellness goals!

For more information contact: Fitmission@yahoo.com

Exceed Expectations


Step into the Holiday season with a Champion mindset, willing to accept any challenge that comes your way, overcome the opportunity for growth with overwhelming confidence.

How many of your goals did you accomplish this year? What percentage of growth opportunities did you conquer? The 4th quarter of the year is coming to a close and it is time to evaluate the years progress. How dedicated are you to living up to your true potential?

R.E.A.L Training

R.E.A.L Training

Come out and try a FREE class!

Turkey Day Time Trial

Turkey Day Time Trial

Give thanks for our health and work off that turkey tomorrow am with this Turkey Day Time Trial:

Repeat the circuit 4X for the best round. Rest 2:00 between each round.
.25 mile run
25 push ups
25 squats
25 sit ups